– est. 1996

Imagine talking directly to your customers, without the hoops of technological layers that will be outdated in a few years?

Imagine a lightning fast online store that looks and behaves optimally on every device, from old smartphones, to the newest, small laptops to 4k screens and beyond.

Most e-commerce developers have never operated a store, never run a consumer-facing business. For me, that is my main gig. I started the OUSIA project to solve my biggest frustrations with woocommerce and e-commerce in general. Cutting away at the non-essential, to create a robust and modern experience for shopper and store-owner.

To create truly modern web experiences, you have to know the legacy of the web. Which principles and technologies will stand the test of time? So far, html, css and javascript has a pretty strong track record. For me, I got into those at the same time I learned English, my second language. I pride myself on writing simple, modern frontend code with no legacy workarounds.